Decriminalization, Prosecution Investigates 9 Deputies and Mayors

Top Channel reports that the General Prosecution has started investigating nine deputies and mayors in the context of the decriminalization law.

According to official sources from the General Prosecution, deputies Artan Gaçi (PS), Armando Prenga (PS), Gledion Rehovica (LSI), Aqif Rakipi (PDIU), Omer Mamo (PDIU), and Mhill Fufi (former PD) are under investigation, as well as Mayor of Poliçan Adriatik Zotkaj (PS), Mayor of Tepelena Tërmet Peçi (PS), and Mayor of Pogradec Eduard Kapri (LSI).

All these officials, except Fufi, are members of the ruling coalition. Fufi was expelled from the PD after voting in favor of one of the seven judicial reform laws and is now considered to be part of the majority.

Contacted by Top Channel, deputy Artan Gaçi denies that he has ever been convicted or has ever been fined by any of the EU member states. Similarly, Peçi and Rakipi deny any wrongdoing.

The investigations by the General Prosecution were started in relation to the self-declaration forms handed in by the officials. Lying on the self-declaration form can lead to dismissal from office. Previously, the mandates of deputies Dashamir Tahiri (PDIU), Shkëlqim Selamni (LSI) and Mayor of Kavaja Elvis Rroshi were revoked. In spite of losing his mandate, Rroshi continues to pretend he is mayor.