From: Exit Staff
106 Car Accidents a Day in Albania During 2020

During 2020, there were 6248 car accidents and 159 fatalities in Albania.

Data published by the National Emergency department showed that every day last year there was an average of 106 car accidents on the country’s roads. In addition to this, one person died every other day.

Considering that Albania was on lockdown for several months and the movement of cars was restricted, this number is very high.

Tirana registered the most accidents with 2631 or 43% of the total. Vlora was second with 803 and Durres third with 576. Elbasan reported 458, Fier 442, Korca 359and Berat 328.

The numbers do not appear to match those published by INSTAT at the end of last year. The government statistics agency reported that in the first 10 months of 2020, there were only 1011 accidents.

In October, the government announced plans to have zero victims of road accidents by 2050. It was announced that police would be asked to focus on apprehending citizens who use the mobile and drive, those who do not wear seat belts, those who abuse alcohol and narcotics, and those who ride bicycles in violation of the rules.