From: Exit News
107 Arrested in Joint Police Operation between Albania, Germany, and Spain

107 people were arrested today in a sweeping anti-organized crime operation undertaken by police in Albania, Spain, and Germany with the aid of EUROPOL. The arrested included Albanian, Spanish, Slovak and Greek nationals.

The operation targeted an Albanian criminal group managing cannabis plantations in Spain.

According to EUROPOL, this “clan-based organised crime group was hierarchically structured, with branches operating internationally. Some of its members arrested have a history of drug trafficking in different countries.”

In a press conference, police representatives from the three countries announced that 51 establishments were searched in Madrid, where they found 23 cannabis cultivation sites.

They seized 25,000 cannabis plants, 938 kg of cannabis, two firearms, and €68,760, among others.

Chief of Albanian Police, Ardi Veliu, said that in the following days, the police will proceed to identify and verify the property the arrested own and operate in Albania.

EU Ambassador to Albania, Luigi Soreca, praised the operation on Twitter, highlighting the importance of international cooperation.