From: Exit Staff
Albania Ranks Second to Last in Europe in Health Care Quality Survey

Albania has ranked in the penultimate position in Europe in the Health Care Index, for the period January-June 2020.

Compiled by Numbeo,the index ranks 93 countries around the world according to citizens’ perceptions of the health care they receive.

Among the main elements for which citizens give their opinion are the professionalism of the medical staff, modern equipment and receiving appropriate treatments, speed in receiving treatment, costs, location, and service in health centres.

Out of 100 points in total, where 100 shows the best health system and 0 the weakest health system, Albania has received 51.33 points.

In Europe, Albania managed to surpass only Hungary, while all the Balkan countries, Croatia, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, fare better.

Kosovo and Montenegro are not part of the study.

From all 93 countries, Albania is ranked 85th.

At the top of the list, the countries with the best health services are Taiwan, South Korea, France and Japan.