From: Exit Staff
Judicial Appointments Council Refuses to Consider Ardian Dvorani’s Request to Continue in Office

The Judicial Appointments Council (KED) refused to consider Ardian Dvorani’s request to continue in office. KED argued that they don’t have the competence or jurisdiction to review and decide upon his claim.

“The decision-making requested by the Notice of Residence forwarded by Mr. Ardian Dvorani does not enter into the activity and competence of the Council of Judicial Appointments”, writes KED in the press release.

Judge Ardian Dvorani asked the Judicial Appointments Council that he be allowed to continue in office.

In a letter sent to KED, Dvorani argued that moving from one position to another does not violate the right to end his term as a member of KED. Dvorani added that he considers it legal to continue his duty at KED and after his transfer to the Administrative Court of Appeal.

The High Judicial Council  decided  in June to terminate Ardian Dvorani’s term as a judge in the High Court.

Exit has argued in a previous article that the mandate in the KED is closely linked to the exercise of functions as a judge or prosecutor in the relevant courts, which means that failure to exercise these functions for any reason, leads to the loss of the mandate in the KED.