2.5 Tons of Albanian Weed Captured in Manfredonia

According to the news outlet ManfredoniaNews, the Guardia di Finanzi of Bari arrested two Albanian drug traffickers 30 miles of the coast of Vieste on August 4.

An Albanian speedboat, loaded with about 2.5 tons of drugs with a street value of €20 million, left from Vlora on Friday morning and was tracked by planes from the Guardia di Finanza in collaboration with the European border patrol Frontex. The speed boat was underway to the port of Manfredonia.

A video published by the Guardia di Finanza shows the drug traffickers throwing the packages with drugs overboard. A total of 110 packages were recuperated by the Italian police.

A week ago, Prime Minister Edi Rama announced a “nationwide anti-cannabis action,” claiming that he had a list of 124 names of people confirmed to be involved in the drug trade. This list has still not been made public or provided to the General Prosecutor, and the Albanian police was notably absent in the recent international action led by the Guardia di Finanza.