Basha: “My Government Will Have Great Citizens, Not Omnipotent Leaders” – Main Interview Points

Opposition Leader Lulzim Basha was invited yesterday evening at the tv program Opinion of journalist Blendi Fevziu, together with journalists Mento Nazarko and Robert Rakipllari.

Basha emphasized the empowerment of the regular citizen and the liberation of politics from the oligarchs: “If the businessman sits down with the minister, the citizen loses.”

Basha furthermore addressed the following issues:

Changes in the management of the Democratic Party (PD):

  • The citizen needs to be empowered and the leader weakened. My government will have great citizens, not omnipotent leaders;
  • We are ready to change the PD, offering a Western PD, with a politics that serves the citizens;
  • A lot of work is waiting for us and it has to be done together. To fight drugs, crime, and cannabis we need collaboration;
  • PD proposes a different way of development, where work, hardship, and ability are rewarded. A country that awards drugs and crime is doomed to empty out. Unfortunately Albania is emptying out;
  • From my first day [in power] I will cancel the concessions of the check-up, hemodialysis, and sterilization. All the corruptive concessions of the Rama government will be canceled;
  • Under my government there will be no free healthcare, which is one of Rama’s lies. We will make sure that the money of the citizens goes to healthcare services;
  • In any possible scenario, the mandate of Lulzim Basha as chairman of the PD will end in July 2017;
  • A technical government is an unsurpassable objective to have free and fair elections.

Coalition for the next election

  • The PD will never make an electoral coalition with [Ilir Meta’s] Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI);
  • The happier that duo [PS-LSI], the more the crisis in Albania deepens. The duo Rama–Meta will destroy the Albanian left.

Opening of the EU accession negotiations

  • Prime Minister Rama knows that the negotiations will not be opened. Official sources have communicated with the prime minister, the speaker of parliament, and the opposition;
  • It is not the vetting law that is keeping Albania hostage. The maintenance of the status quo is in the interest of [Mayor of Kavaja] Elvis Rroshi and [PS deputy] Armando Prenga;

Implementation of the decriminalization law

  • What is holding Rama from firing with a decision of the Council of Minister Elvis Rroshi, when he has been sentenced in Italy for rape and in Switzerland for drug traffic?
  • He is afraid that attacking the persons related to drugs will harm his government. It is not Edi Rama that is keeping Elvis Rroshi, but Elvis Rroshi that’s keeping Edi Rama!

Foreign politics

  • In foreign politics Prime Minister Rama is focused on show and his own personal interests, not those of the citizens;
  • [PM Rama] has given [Serbian PM Aleksandar] Vučić the alibi to say ” I have good relations with the Albanians, with Edi Rama, my problems are with [Kosovar politicians Isa] Mustafa and [Hasim] Thaçi, they are lunkheads”;
  • All foreign policy is put at the disposition of Prime Minister Rama, he presents books and opens exhibitions;
  • The number one priority of foreign policy should be Kosovo;
  • Albania and Kosovo have responsibility for Presheva [in Serbia]. The valley of Presheva cannot just left alone.