Basha: Youth, Break Down Autocracy

At the occasion of National Youth Day, Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha took part in a youth meeting at Democracy Square in Student City, at the site where 26 years the student uprisings against the communist dictatorship began.

Basha’s speech focused on the main problems related to employment and education. Exit has the main points:

  • Today we don’t have democracy but autocracy, dominance for its own sake, unlimited power in the hands of the Prime Minister, in the hands of a small group of oligarchs that don’t serve the interest of the citizens. We have to break down the pillars of this system, giving back power to the citizens, the youth.
  • The national economy has collapsed because of a lack of competition, where the strong and subservient have destroyed the dream of the youth of free enterprise based on merit and ability.
  • We have to liberate the economy from monopolies. That means more possibilities for the youth, more employment, and a reason not to leave Albania.
  • Freedom has been privatized and only belongs to a small group of people that enrich themselves on the backs of thousands, millions of Albanians that day after day get poorer and poorer, hundreds of thousands that choose to leave the country, the majority of them young.
  • My reflection about youth is clear. 35% of the PD group will come you and you will elect them with your free vote, according to their abilities and your conviction.
  • We have empower citizens and not politicians; for a true change so that citizens can believe it, taste it, touch it, and enjoy it, and not as a monopoly of a group of people that today live like sheikhs at the cost of the sweat, toils, and poverty of the majority.