Decriminalization Law, Prosecutor: Dismiss Selami, Tahiri, and Rroshi

Today the General Prosecutor has announced that Dashamir Tahiri (PDIU) and Shkëlqim Selami (LSI) need to be stripped of their mandates, while Mayor of Kavaja Elvis Rroshi (PS) needs to be dismissed from office. They are accused of having hidden their criminal antecedents from the self-declaration form that is mandatory under the decriminalization law.

According to the present investigations of the Prosecutor:

  • PDIU deputy Dashamir Tahiri has been convicted in Italy for the falsification of money and the usage of falsified documents;
  • LSI deputy Shkëlqim Selami has been convicted to jail by the Court of Brindisi in Italy;
  • Mayor of Kavaja Elvis Rroshi has been convicted in Italy for group rape, drug trafficking, and money laundering.

The General Prosecutor has officially notified the Central Election Commission (KQZ) that the three public officials need to be dismissed from their office, in concordance with the decriminalization law.

The Prosecution has started an investigation for “falsification of documents.”

Meanwhile, the Prosecution is continuing the verifications of other officials in the framework of the decriminalization law.