The First Success of the Decriminalization Law

Yesterday, the Central Election Commission (KQZ) revoked the mandate of deputies Dashamir Tahiri (PDIU) and Shkëlqim Selami (LSI) and mayor of Kavaja Elvis Rroshi. Conform the decriminalization law, their mandates were revoked after it was confirmed that they had hidden their criminal past from the self-declaration form.

The chairman of the KQZ, Krenar Biba, stated that “the KQZ declares the invalidity and premature expiration of the mandate  of mayor of Kavaja Elvis Rroshi, deputy Dashamir Tahiri, and Shkëlqim Selami.”

The decision of the KQZ was welcomed by opposition leader Lulzim Basha, who stated that this was the beginning of “the separation of politics from crime.” The US Embassy called the decision “a victory for the Albanian people and a warning for the criminals who think they can be candidates for the parliamentary elections of June 18.”

It is now up to Prime Minister Edi Rama and Speaker of Parliament Ilir Meta, both of which remained silent about the decision, to dismiss the three officials from their post.


According the investigation thus far, the Prosecution has determined that:

  • PDIU deputy Dashamir Tahiri has been sentenced in Italy for forging money and the usage of forged documents.
  • LSI deputy Shkëlqim Selami has been sentenced to jail time by the court in Brindisi, Italy.
  • Mayor of Kavaja Elvis Rroshi has been sentenced in Italy for group rape, as well as drug trafficking and money laundering.

The decision of the KQZ comes after the Prosecution declared a few days ago that the mandates of all three officials should be revoked owing to their failure to declare their criminal past on their self-declaration form.

The Prosecution is currently continuing the evaluation of all self-declaration forms presented by government officials in the context of the decriminalization law.