La Repubblica: Albanians Rule Arms and Drugs Trade on Otranto Canal

In an article published yesterday about the arms and drugs trade from Albania to Italy the Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica described Albanian criminals as “ruling the Otranto Canal.”

According to the article, “the Albanian mafia control drugs, arms, and explosives traffic on the Otranto Canal.” The latest report from the American DEA to the Italian parliament states that “the Albanian have solely dominate the Balkan route toward Italy” and rule the Otranto Canal. On the 50 miles that divide Vlora form Salento, nothing moves without the approval of the Albanians.”

Whereas drugs and arms smuggling is undertaken by Albanians themselves, the trafficking of people is left to Turkish criminal organizations. For drug traffic, rubber boats, water scooters, and small helicopters are used. The trading route is supplied by marijuana cultivated in Albania, previously only in Lazarat, but currently all around Albania.

Recent operations of the Italian police have already captured tons of drugs. Just at the beginning of the new year, on the morning of January 1, 17 bags of drugs were apprehended, with a market value of €7 million. On the same date, 22 kg of the explosive tritol was captured.