Sub-Zero Temps, Snowfall, Dozens of Roads Blocked

The low temperatures and snowfall during the entire night have led to frozen roads, making dozens of them around the country inaccessible.

In the Kukës region there has been 35 cm snow. All main roads, including the highway to Kosovo, are only accessible with snow chains. In the tunnel of Kalimash, up to 70 cm of snow has been reached. Snowplows have been deployed to keep main roads open. Several more remote areas such as Topojan, Shishtavec, Surroj, Kalisa, and Malzi e Zapod have been cut off.

Earlier segments of the highway to Kosovo are equally problematic and only accessible with snow chains.

Even heavier snowfall in the Shkodra region nearly all roads are inaccessible, covered in 70–120 cm snow. Snow cleaners are currently working to open the roads Fushë Arrëz–Qafë Mali–Qafë Shllak, Qafë Mali–Dardha–Fierza, and Fushë-Arrëz–Iballa.

The situation in the Dibra region the roads between Qafë Bualli–Peshkopia, Burrel–Qafë Bualli, Skuraj–Burrel are only accessible with snow chains, whereas Muhurr–Çidhen–Lura, Muhurr–Çidhen-Reç, Muhurr–Selisha, Lura–Peshkopi, Klos–Ziver, Klos–Kurçelaj, and Klos–Gurra e Sipërme are inaccessible.

Similarly, large parts of the Librazhd region and Elbasan region, near Hotolisht and Polis and all the villages in the area, are completely cut off. Snow levels up to a meter have been reported.