Blushi: Rama Has Weakened Albania’s Role in Region

During the parliamentary session today former Socialist Party (PS) deputy and founder of LIBRA Ben Blushi accused Prime Minister Rama of damaging the relations with neighboring countries and weakening the role of Albania in the region.

According to Blushi, the Rama government “has sweetened the relation with Serbia,” while “poisoning [the] relations with Greece.” With Macedonia, the government “has been chaotic,” whereas relations with the EU “have weakened.” In terms of relations with the US, Deputy Blushi qualified them as “Russian roulette.”

Deputy Blushi declared that Prime Minister Rama has “personalized” diplomacy and that he is using it for personal interests, bringing no profit to the country and weakening the link with Kosovo. He blamed the recent escalation of the tension between Kosovo and Serbia on a failing diplomacy of Albania: “Being weak, Albania is currently not in the position to help Kosovo”:

The personal investment of the Prime Minister of Albania in Belgrade is worth nothing. The Serbs aren’t buying the friendship without conditions that he’s offering. On the contrary, they think that they have softened Albania, which today cannot be and maybe will not be a factor in the Kosovo issue.