KED Members Elected by Lot

Today the President organized the lottery for the election of the first members of the Council of Judicial Nominations (KED). The following members were chosen by lot:

  • Vladimir Kristo (Constitutional Court)
  • Besnik Imeraj (Constitutional Court)
  • Rovena Gashi (General Prosecution)
  • Mirela Fana (High Court)
  • Kastriot Selita (Administrative Court)
  • Brikena Ukperaj-Lubonja (Appeals Court)
  • Ervin Metalla (Appeals Court)
  • Gentian Trenova (Appeals Prosecution)
  • Fatjona Mencaj (Appeals Prosecution)

They will exercise their function in the KED until December 31, 2017, verifying and assessing the professional and moral criteria of the candidates for the Constitutional Court and the High Judicial Inspector.