US Ambassador Lu: Llalla Sabotages Judicial Reform

During a conference with civil society, US Ambassador Lu accused General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla of trying to sabotage the judicial reform.

We see powerful people that are trying to keep their control over the court and the prosecution. The most recent example of this is the action of the General Prosecutor of Albania. For more than 18 months he has talked with a loud voice against the judicial reform.

He further said that Chief Prosecutor Llalla has violated the Constitution and hasn’t been cooperative during the election process of the Council of Judicial Nominations.

Last Friday, as is required by the new Constitution, the members of the Council of Judicial Nominations [KED], who will protect the independence of the judicial system, were elected by lot. The General Prosecutor brought a list with only three members. The Constitution determined that the members had to be selected by lot, and each [of the other institutions] brought longer lists for this position. Different from the others, the General Prosecutor only chose three names, selected without preference to fill the three posts [available to prosecutors in the KED].

At the end of his speech, the Ambassador added that the international partners will monitor the vetting process and will support the citizens.

Fortunately, those national and international experts that drafted this platforms predicted that important people would try to manipulate this process. In the Constitution it says that the members of the Council of Judicial Nominations will be subject to vetting. We will follow this closely to see whether this commission will keep to this requirement and that the vetting process will be done.