Elvis Rroshi Still Rules Kavaja, without Mandate

On Saturday, Minister of Finance Arben Ahmetaj presented himself as candidate deputy for the Socialist Party (PS) in Kavaja. He appeared alongside former Mayor of Kavaja Elvis Rroshi, whose mandate was withdrawn by the Central Election Comission (KQZ) in December, after Rroshi had hidden his criminal past on the self-declaration form that is mandated by the decriminalization law.

Even though Elvis Rroshi has been sentenced in Italy for attempt at group rape, drug trafficking, and money laundering, and lied about this to the KQZ, Minister Ahmetaj praised “Mayor” Rroshi, who continues to have an important role in the PS, several times during his speech.

For me, Kavaja during the mandates of Mayor Rroshi been a surprise, for the Socialist Party and for Albania. I wish you all the best and thank you in the new of the Prime Minister.

Kavaja is no longer that old city of horse-drawn carts, but an urbanized city, which the mayor [Rroshi] has made a city that truly attracts 40% of the tourism in Albania, and for this I congratulate you.

It appears that even though the decriminalization law has seen its first, tentative, results, the government still has to get used to its own laws.