Veliera Project in Durrës Halted after Archeological Finds

The construction work for the urban requalification project “Veliera” in Durrës have been temporarily halted, after the foundations of a centuries-old building were discovered, as well as an antique cannon and a cannon ball.

A video published today by Nisma #Thurje shows that the Regional Directorate of National Culture (DRKK) has started excavations on the square in front of the Venetian Tower.

Works for the Veliera project started in November 2016. In an article published on February, Exit raised its concern about the construction works around the Venetian Tower threatening the cultural heritage of Durrës without a proper archeological survey.

The Veliera project, in its current form, illegally intervenes in the nationally protected archeological zone, as established by Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 237 on March 23, 2011.

Citizens from Durrës, civil society activists, and archeologists protested against the requalification project and the damage it causes to the rich cultural and archeological heritage of the city. A criminal case was filed against Mayor of Durrës Vangjush Dako, a strong supporter of the Veliera project, at the Prosecution of Durrës.