Blushi Attacks Gov’t over ARMO and Bankers

During Parliament today, LIBRA deputy Ben Blushi made strong accusations against the government, regarding the management of the ARMO refinery and the damage to the houses in Zharrëz caused by Bankers’ oil drilling activities.

According to Blushi the government shows itself indifferent to the plight of the inhabitants, who are currently on hunger strike. The protest against the oil company Bankers, and the damage its oil drilling is causing to their properties. Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi immediately responded, stating that the compensation of the damages will be paid by Bankers, suggesting that the state will not help the inhabitants of Zharrëz.

The hunger strike has been the result of the government not keeping its promise to compensate the inhabitants of Zharrëz after several oil drilling-related incidents in the region. Prime Minister Edi Rama had promised “100%” compensation and the interruption of Bankers’s activities. Neither has happened. Peleshi is still heading a work committee regarding the issue, which, however, has issued as yet no statement to the hunger strikers.

Another accusation of Blushi relates to the oil refinery ARMO. For the last months, the oil workers have not received their wages. Moreover, Blushi accused Rama of having given the refinery to a friend:

ARMO is directed by a ghost company. The state is losing €200 million per year, money which are taken away from schools, wages, and social security. ARMO cost €70 million, as much as the government has spent on the projects of [Durrës mayor Vangjush] Dako.

Blushi proposed the renationalization of the company.