Decriminalization, Prosecution Demands Dismissal of Deputy Armando Prenga

The General Prosecution has today demanded the dismissal of Socialist Party deputy Armando Prenga, as a result of hiding his criminal past on the self-declaration form.

Prenga failed to mention on his self-declaration form that he has been convicted in Italy for theft, falsification of documents, and presenting a false identity during the years 1996–1997.

He has also been convicted by the by the Court of Kurbin for falsifying documents, which Prenga also failed to declare on the form.

The General Prosecution also announced that it filed a criminal lawsuit against the Central Election Commission (KQZ) after discovering that in several cases it didn’t fulfill its duties as prescribed in the decriminalization law.

On the basis of the decriminalization law, deputies Dashamir Tahiri and Shkëlqim Selami have been dismissed, as well as Mayor of Kavaja Elvis Rroshi. They were accused of hiding their criminal past on the self-declaration form.

The General Prosecution recently started an investigation of nine deputies and mayors: Artan Gaçi (PS), Armando Prenga (PS), Gledion Rehovica (LSI), Aqif Rakipi (PDIU), Omer Mamo (PDIU), and Mhill Fufi (former PD) are under investigation, as well as Mayor of Poliçan Adriatik Zotkaj (PS), Mayor of Tepelena Tërmet Peçi (PS), and Mayor of Pogradec Eduard Kapri (LSI).