Rama Now Pretends to Be a Sculptor

While the opposition enters its fourth day of protests, Prime Minister Edi Rama apparently finds the time to continue the promotion tour for his personal exhibition in Florence, scheduled to open on February 25.

In an interview with Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, he dishes up the same stories that can be found in other pieces of “journalism on request,” such as regularly published by The Guardian. Characteristically, the interview in Corriere, conducted by Francesca Pini, contains very little new information besides the stale cocktail of anecdotes about his doodling, painting the walls of Tirana, and his mentorship of Adrian Paci and Anri Sala.

A new point, however, is that he now is “evolving” into the figure of a sculptor. The Corriere article is the first that does away with the obligatory image of colorful doodles, and shows the Prime Minister in “action.”

He even tells us a sympathetic story about his new-found love for sculpting:

I go over to a friend’s house who hosts me on some Saturday or Sunday. It is a healthy break for my spirit, with hands dirty from the clay I don’t use the cellphone.

The building of the "Ish-Poligrafiku." Source: Google Streetview.
The building of the “Ish-Poligrafiku.” Source: Google Streetview.

Considering the formalist, concrete, and brand-new studio environment in which the Prime Minister has let himself be photographed, we doubt that this “friend’s house” really exists. In fact, it is probably the interior of the renovated “Ish-Poligrafiku” in the Ali Demi neighborhood.