Zharrëz Marchers: Fier Police Pressures Our Families

The hunger strikers marching from Zharrëz to Tirana have left this morning from Kavaja, and have called upon politicians to join them in their march to offer them a solution to their problems. Meanwhile, they report that the police and a school director is putting pressure on their families to force them to abandon the march.

The march started two days ago, after the government failed for more than two months to address the damage to property and environment caused by oil drilling company Bankers Petroleum.

The marchers have released the following declaration, published by Nisma #Thurje:

Declaration of the marchers

  1. The police in Fier is putting pressure on the family of the marchers by asking them that we stop the march.
  2. Mirjeta Nasto, director of the Sotir Çapo school in Zharrëz threatens the children of the marchers with expulsion from school.
  3. The Ministry of Energy lies about the evaluations. No evaluation whatsoever has been done. The houses (not all of them) have been photographed from the outside and that’s all. The Ministry has no idea at all about the damage to each specific house. We challenge them to make their “evaluations” public.
  4. The Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Miniser of Energy, etc. are invited to come to Kavaja, or to join us on the road to Tirana and to tell us the solution they have found. If they don’t, this means there is no solution.
  5. Our march is not the property of any party. We march only and alone for our houses.

The march will continue until we have a solution. If there isn’t, we will get down in Tirana and won’t move an inch alive until we have won our right. We don’t owe our houses to any party, we have built them with our blood and sweat.

We will no longer bow down!