Government Establishes Zharrëz Working Group

The damaged houses of the inhabitants of Zharrëz will be evaluated by a group of experts through an accelerated process and will be compensated by the state budget and Bankers Petroleum. This is the decision that Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi communicated today to the protesters who have been protesting in the open air in front of the Ministry of Energy since last Saturday, after arriving on foot from their home town.

In a press conference, Minister Peleshi declared:

We have approved the decision to take measures to record and evaluate the damages caused by the earthquakes in Zharrëz and Koman in Roskovec. The decision determines the deadlines for the evaluation in an accelerated manner for the heavily damaged or completely destroyed buildings an their full compensation by the state budget and Bankers, according to the agreement with the Ministry of Energy and Industry (MIE).

Minister Peleshi also clarified that the MIE has ordered a halt to the lime water injections in the area of Zharrëz. This is thought to be cause of the strong earthquakes that have put the lives and properties of the inhabitants at risk. This is the second time that the government has halted the activities of Bankers, which the first time continued under unclear circumstances.

The MIE has also ordered the company to use other working methods, which have a less negative impact on the lives of the people in Zharrëz. Moreover, the MIE has established a working group of experts to verify the environmental damage done by the concession holder.