Colmar Court Postpones Haradinaj Extradition Case

The Court of Colmar in France has decided today to postpone the discussion of Ramush Haradinaj’s extradition to Serbia until April 6.

Even thought the Serbian Ministry of Justice had sent a series of documents to support the request to extradite Haradinaj, the court has requested additional evidence. Haradinaj called the decision of the court shameful:

The court has given another month to the Serbian authorities to provide additional information. This is political abuse, what is happening is shameful. The struggle of the Kosovo Liberation Army has been treated by the [International] Court in The Hague, hence I have remained a political hostage.

Haradinaj’s defense attorneys have stated that the chance that he will be extradited to Serbia are zero and that the extra time given by the court to Serbia is not right.

On January 4, the former Prime Minister of Kosovo was arrested on the Basel-Mulhouse airport on the basis of an international arrest warrant released by Serbia in 2004, in which he is accused of war crimes allegedly committed during the 1998–1999 Kosovo Liberation War. Haradinaj will have to stay in France while awaiting the court’s final verdict.