KQZ Refuses to Dismiss Mayors Peçi and Zotkaj

Yesterday the Central Election Commission (KQZ) decided not to strip Mayor of Tepelena Tërmet Peçi and Mayor of Poliçan Adriatik Zotkaj of their mandates, despite the fact that the General Prosecution has in both cases started a criminal investigation for falsification of documents.

The two mayors, both from the Socialist Party, are accused of having hidden their criminal past from the self-declaration form issued in the context of the decriminalization law.

The KQZ also decided not to remove the mandates of the 13 deputies who made additions to their self-declaration form after the deadline prescribed by the decriminalization law.

The decision was made by the four KQZ members belonging to the majority, after the three members of the opposition left the meeting. They had requested that the criminal lawsuit against the mayors and the case of the 13 deputies be discussed separately, claiming that criminal and civil cases cannot be compared.