Democracy à la Rama Prime Minister Edi Rama.

On Sunday April 2, the Socialist Party of Albania (PS) organized an open meeting with the National Assembly of the PS. The aim of this meeting was the preparation for the organization of the elections on June 18. All campaign directors, directors of administrative units, the 61 regional directors of the PS, and the electoral coordinators.

In his main speech, Prime Minister Edi Rama declared once again that the elections of June 18 will be held, and that there will be no caretaker government.

He also claimed that the absence of the opposition in the elections has no effect on their democratic value.

When the opposition doesn’t want elections, is it democratic that the elections are held only when the opposition wants them? […] Democracy doesn’t oblige anyone to enter the elections even when they don’t want to. That is democracy. You want to enter the elections, you enter them. You don’t want to enter the elections, you don’t.

He also hinted at the creation of a “new” opposition, supposedly from either minority parties in his current ruling coalition, or the new parties formed in recent months, such as Libra and Sfida.

The opposition in a pluralist country is not the monopoly of a single party, no matter how large and no matter how many small parties it has around it. […] You can be sure that the names will change, that the flags will change, but you will see an opposition in Parliament. Because opposition produces freedom.