How the Two Main Squares in Durrës Will Change

The Municipality of Durrës is expected to begin its works in one of the main squares of the city, the one of Martyrs’ Cemetery.

The project for the revitalization of this square foresees that on both sides of the Martyr’s Cemetery two important buildings for the city will be built, the Palace of Justice and the Prosecutor’s Office.

DurrësLajm has learned that the buildings are planned to be built in the place where the parks are located, on both sides of the road that climb to the Martyr’s Cemetery.

The Municipality has tendered the 1 billion lekë project, which were allocated from the municipality’s income for 2017, and the winning company has already been announced by the Durrës Municipality.

The construction of the two buildings on both sides of the park seems not to be welcomed by residents living near the Martyrs’ Cemetery. The destruction of the park in order to make way for this investment seems to have caused the first disappointment to the residents who are hoping that trees are not cut to replace them with the buildings of the Palace of Justice and Prosecutor’s Office.

Earlier, on this issue, in a statement to DurresLajm, the mayor of Durrës municipality, Vangjush Dako, stated that the local government already has a project ready to start the works on the road that descends from the Martyrs’ Cemetery to the Pranvera Street, which will be turned into a pedestrian street.

The project for the construction of the Palace of Justice is scheduled to begin as a second phase.

According to the project for the area in front of the Pranvera Square and the Post-Telecom building, it is foreseen that the bus stations of Porto Romano and Plepa will be removed from there. The road segment from the Pranvera Square to the intersection with the Dyrrah Boulevard will be designated for pedestrians, while in front of the Albtelecom Square a parking lot for around 600 cars has been planned. Turning the streets in pedestrian areas limits the movement of the cars in the city center.

In order to discipline the traffic, the launch of this project was preceded by the design of the tunnel project from the Pranvera Square to the Currila.

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