Another Tirana Park Falls Prey to Concrete

In a Facebook post, activist group “Citizens for the Park” have denounced yet another construction project in Tirana. According to the activists, the Municipality of Tirana is planning a construction project of 100,000 sq.m. in the public park near the police office in an area know is the “Bus Station” along Rruga e Kavajës.

According to the post,

Employees of the Tirana Municipality are cutting down trees to make way for the buildings and dumping concrete in this small public space that serves a large number of inhabitants of the area. […]

The construction firm will be Arlis Ndërtim of Besnik Sulaj, the owner of Taiwan and Armo. The permits have been given, but the construction will only start after the elections.

Municipal worker cutting down trees. Source: Facebook.
Municipal worker cutting down trees. Source: Facebook.

The park next to the police office was opened in April 2015 by former mayor Lulzim Basha. Prime Minister Edi Rama had tried several times to block the project, which turned the area from a waste dumping ground into a green space. Since Erion Veliaj became mayor, the park has been neglected in order to justify its current destruction.