Promises of PS for the Second Mandate

Yesterday, at its Electoral Congress in Durrës, the Socialist Party officially opened its electoral campaign and announced the key points of its program for the second term.

Almost all key figures that spoke in front of the socialist supporters, including Prime Minister Edi Rama, attacked the opposition boycott and accused them of fearing the vetting process, which seems to be one of the major promises for the next mandate.

Some of the main statements of the deputy candidates were:

Edi Rama:

PD has locked itself in a plastic bunker from where they have declared war on the wind mills of the whole world, Albania, Germany, the EU and America. They do not want elections because they do not want vetting, they do not want justice because they cannot sleep anymore. The new parliament will begin its life with the unblocking of the vetting process immediately after the new government.

Saimir Tahiri:

On June 18, there will be no competition between parties, but first of all we will be competing against injustice, against corrupt judges. On June 18 we aim to win with the part of our team that has worked so hard for the justice reform.

Gramoz Ruçi:

We are here to make the Fier district stand in the first place with election results. The Albania that we love needs a lot, but three are of utmost importance: vision, ambition, and energy. And who more than the Socialists and Edi Rama have this vision, this ambition, and energy?!

Niko Peleshi:

Who abstains on June 18 votes against the Albania we love, votes to return to the Albania that we inherited.

Electoral promises

Economy and well-being:

  • 220,000 new jobs will be created over four years.
  • The minimum wage will increase to 30,000 lekë.
  • The income for each Albanian citizen will increase by 25%.
  • Budget for economic aid will be doubled.
  • Gross Domestic Product will grow by 5.5 percent.
  • Public debt will decrease to 60% of GDP.
  • Profit tax will decrease from 15% to 5% for information technology companies.
  • Tax on small businesses will continue to be zero.


  • VAT will be deducted for agricultural inputs, fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, and seedlings.
  • 100% of agricultural land will be under water until the end of the second term.
  • $232 million will be allotted to agriculture.

Public investment:

  • €2.8 billion will be invested from the state budget, in addition to the “$1 billion” project in public investments.
  • Public investments will be held at the level of 5% of GDP.
  • At the end of the term, investments will reach $2 billion.


  • A new hospital center in Fier will be built.
  • A new hospital for children and one for internal diseases will be built at the Mother Teresa Hospital Center.
  • The primary care network and the family doctor’s service will be strengthened with the establishment of 10 new health centers.