Government Unironically Organizes “FuckUp Night – The Road to Success”

On May 13, at 19:00, the Ministry of Innovation is organizing “FuckUp Night – The Road to Success” at the Pyramid.

Seldom has a title been so appropriate! “FuckUp Night – The Road to Success” should have been the title of the last four years of the Rama government, which has been able to “fuck up” nearly every electoral promise it made in 2013, and is still on the way to success in an election boycotted by the opposition.

They “fucked up” Tirana with a masterplan full of holes and errors.

They “fucked up” the justice system with a vetting law that is impossible to implement and with already many constitutional violations made along the way.

They “fucked up” the elections by failing to implement a single recommendation of the OSCE for electoral reform.

They “fucked up” protected natural reserves by selling them to oligarchs.

They “fucked up” Vjosa by building a hydropower plant.

They “fucked up” Valbona by building more hydropower plants.

Do I need to continue?

Let’s check what it really means, such a FuckUp Night. According to the official website:

Fuckup Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in 2012 to share publicly business failure stories. Hundreds of people attend each event to hear three to four entrepreneurs share their failures. Each speaker is given 7 minutes and is able to use 10 images. After each speaker, there’s a question/answer session, as well as time for networking (beers).

But in typical fashion, the FuckUp Night organized in Albania has not been registered by the initiators of the idea, and cannot be found on the website. The idea was just simply copied (that is, stolen), and used as a nice way to open the “Innovation Week 2017.” In the invitation, Minister of Innovation Milena Harito writes enthusiastically:

“The Road to Success” brings to the public stories of victory after failure, as a precondition for success.

This explains everything. In the mind of the government, failure is a precondition of success. Without failure, no success. In that case, it seems that the next government will be very successful, because very fucked up!