May 13 Protest, OSCE: No Space for Violence

One day before the announced large-scale opposition protest in Tirana, the OSCE has called for the protest to be peaceful.

Also the opposition leaders have announced that the protest will be peaceful and non-violent, just like the continuous protest of the opposition since February 18 in front of the Prime Ministry.

PD leader Lulzim Basha declared today:

Tomorrow will enter into national history as one of the greatest days of the Albanian nation. It is the day of an unheard union with one goal: to secure the future of the Albanians.

Tomorrow we will be joined by intellectuals, academics, sportsmen, artists, the mind and body of the nation, the elite of the nation that today lies face down because it has been replaced by criminals, oligarchs, and the corrupt rulers headed by Edi Rama.

Basha added that the “tent of freedom” can be closed tomorrow after three months of protests, to allow for a journey through the country to bring down the Old Republic and give birth to the New Republic, where the fate of the citizens will be in their hands.