Ombudsman Announces New Lawyer Candidates for KLP National Ombudsman Igli Totozani.

The National Ombudsman has announced today that three additional candidates from the ranks of the Albanian lawyers have submitted a valid application for 2 of the positions reserved for them in the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP).

A month ago, only 5 lawyers fulfilled with formal requirements, after which the Ombudsman requested reopening the application period. These are the eight candidates from the ranks of the lawyers:

  1. Floreta Gjini
  2. Gëzim Allaraj
  3. Kozma Jano
  4. Nurihan Seiti
  5. Veronika Vangjeli
  6. Tartar Bazaj
  7. Petrit Gaçi
  8. Ilir Nikolla

Previously, the following candidates for the 2 positions in the High Judicial Council (KLGj) were selected from the ranks of the lawyers:

  1. Alban Toro
  2. Arben Prifti
  3. Arben Vani
  4. Fatos Lazimi
  5. Genti Sinani
  6. Gëzim Allaraj
  7. Saimir Vishaj
  8. Sinan Tafaj
  9. Sokol Lamaj
  10. Fatmira Luli

As may be clear, Gëzim Allaraj applied for the both the KLP and KLGj.

Both the KLP and KLGj consist of 11 members, 6 of which are from the ranks of the judges, 2 from the ranks of the lawyers, 2 law professors, and 1 member of civil society.

The procedure for the 2 positions of the law professors in both KLP and KLGj is at an unclear stage. Secretary-General of Parliament, Albana Shtylla had called for a reopening of the application procedure in March, after only 5 candidates applied from the ranks of professors for the KLP.

In any case, neither the KLP nor KLGj candidates will be voted in Parliament before the installation of the new Parliament in September.