PAA Withdraws Complaint from Electoral College

The Environmental Agrarian Party (PAA) will withdraw its complaint from the Electoral College to declare the candidate lists registered on April 29 invalid. A few hours after the government and the opposition reached an agreement, PAA leader Agron Duka declared:

As soon as the agreement was struck the verdict loses its meaning because we filed the lawsuit to postpone the election date. When that happens with consensus, in a political agreement, I think it is no longer useful to continue to follow the judicial road. In those circumstances we withdrew from the lawsuit.

Asked by journalists about the election date, a detail that still hasn’t been revealed by the party leaders, Duka stated:

I have no knowledge about the election date, I believe that if the McAllister package is implemented point by point the date will be July 16, but that remains to be seen.

Meanwhile the Popular Alliance (AP), which like the PAA had filed a lawsuit at the Electoral College for the same reasons, will not follow the PAA in its withdrawal. AP leader Artur Dojaka declared:

On the contrary we will continue at the Electoral College with our lawsuit which is nothing else but a complaint in support of the law and the rule of law. One cannot but congratulate the agreement of yesterday night between the leaders of the PS and the PD, which will clear the way for the entire process. But in the end we have to understand after 27 years of transition that the process is not simply an agreement of several specific people, but a legal process.