Rama and Basha Reach Agreement

Exactly three months after the opposition started its protest and boycott of Parliament, Prime Minister Edi Rama and PD leader Lulzim Basha appear to have reached an agreement on the parliamentary elections, judicial reform, and decriminalization.

After a broad meeting between party leaders of both the government coalition and the opposition was called yesterday night by Republican Party (PR) leader Fatmir Mediu and Environmentalist Agrarian Party (PAA) leader Agron Duka, a meeting of about 70 minutes was held inside the offices of Parliament across the Prime Ministry.

Afterward, Prime Minister Rama and Basha spent 3 hours in face to face negotiations, after which they announced to the assembled press that they had reached an agreement.

Basha declared:

We have an agreement based on the McAllister+ package that was also proposed by the USA. The agreement will be worked out in the coming 24 hours and only after it has been worked out there will be a public statement of all the details of the agreement.

In response to the question when the elections will be held, Basha remained silent and looked to Prime Minister Rama, who reluctantly stated:

As regards me, allow me to be 100% in agreement with the leader of the opposition. Good night.

Prime Miniester Rama and Basha shook hands as they left the Parliament.

20170518-011714 by e-d21