Electoral College Suspends April 29 Complaint

The Electoral College decided today to suspend the complaint of the Popular Alliance Party (AP) to declare the candidate lists registered at the Central Election Commission (KQZ) after April 28 illegal. The AP has filed the complaint at the Electoral College on May 12, arguing that the April 29 deadline had been in violation of the law.

AP leader Artur Dojaka stated that his party had requested the suspension, considering the changed political circumstances. The Environmentalist Agrarian arty had withdrawn a similar complaint on May 18.

In a declaration for the press, Dojaka stated that the new election date still needs to be approved by the KQZ, but that should the elections indeed be postponed, he will request the KQZ to allow the registration of the AP, and not only of opposition parties, as per the McAllister+ agreement. Dojaka called this specific provision of the agreement “juridical nonsense.”

Based on the agreement of the two main political parties in the country, it is explicitly clarified that opposition parties are called until May 26 to register their deputies for the elections. Automatically and completely paradoxically, the AP, which is not part of the opposition, will remain again outside the elections. That is juridical nonsense.