Small Opposition Parties on PD Candidate Lists, Whose Place Is Secure? – Exit Explains

A direct result of the McAllister+ agreement between Prime Minister Edi Rama and opposition leader Lulzim Basha is that there will be no pre-electoral coalitions for the upcoming general elections.

The absence of coalitions puts smaller parties, especially those who currently have no representation in Parliament, at a severe disadvantage, as the Electoral Code is unfavorable to smaller parties running alone for the elections. This is turn has led to considerable discontent among the allies of both the PS and PD.

Basha has solved this issue by including several of his key allies during the opposition protest on the PD candidate lists, as they stand no chance to win a seat by their own forces. According to the voting lists handed in by the PD on Friday evening, the distribution is as follows:

Republican Party (PR)

  • Fatmir Mediu, Tirana (10)
  • Blendi Sulaj, Tirana (14)

Movement for National Development (LZhK)

  • Dashamir Shehi, Tirana (11)

Environmental Agrarian Party (PAA)

  • Fuad Haxhiymeri, Tirana (13)
  • Agron Duka, Durrës (5)
  • Olsi Cuko, Fier (5)

Demo-Christian Party (PDK)

  • Nard Ndoka, Shkodra (5)

Union for Human Rights Party (PBDNj)

  • Vangjel Dule, Vlora (3)
  • Ligoraq Karamelon, Korça (6)

National Front Party (PBK)

  • Adriatik Alimadhi, Vlora (6)

Green Party (PG)

  • Sazan Guri, Berat (5)

Movement of Legality Party (PLL)

  • Sulejman Gjana, Dibra (4)

Based on the results of 2013, it seems that Fatmir Mediu (PR), Dashamir Shehi (LZhK), Agron Duka (PAA), and Nard Ndoka (PDK) are at a secure place and will most probably be deputies in the next Parliament.

Vangjel Dule, nr. 3 on the Vlora list, seems to be sure of his seat as the PBDNj won 5.22% of the votes there in 2013.

Unless the Democratic Party performs better than during the general elections of 2013, Blendi Sulaj (PR), Ligoraq Karamelon (PBDNj), Adriatik Alimadhi (PBK), Sazan Guri (PG), and Sulejman Gjana (PLL) are basically on ineligible positions. As a result, Guri announced that he will withdraw from the PD candidate list.

The mandates of Fuad Haxhiymeri (PAA), Olsi Cuko (PAA) are at serious risk should the PD perform worse than in 2013.