Rama in Klos: Democrats Should Help Us Save Albania

Yesterday Prime Minister Edi Rama visited the village Klos in Dibra, where he met with farmers from the region.

Accompanied by former Minister of Health Ilir Beqaj, Prime Minister Rama emphasized the importance of the speedy implementation of the judicial reform as a necessary condition for economic growth in Albania.

Prime Minister Rama also invited both Socialists and Democrats to vote for his Socialist Party:

This time the democrats owe us because we saved Luli [Lulzim Basha] and the honor of the [Democratic] Party. Now you have to help us to save Albania from Luli and the [Democratic] Party.

Rama again explained the McAllister+ agreement and stressed that the opposition now has no right to contest the result of the elections:

The agreement is very clear: who will lose will congratulate the winner, because he has no reason to say: you stole my votes. He put all those people into the government. He put them there until June 25, and with June 26 we will be the largest party and they’ll go.

In the County of Dibra, the PS has listed former Minister Beqaj, Almira Xhebulla, Halit Palamani, Myfit Duriçi, Naim Asllani, and Lindita Tako. In 2013, the PS won two mandates in this region.