7 Members of Appeals College Nominated

One of the two parliamentary ad-hoc committees has nominated the seven members of the Appeals College (KA) as well as two reserve members. The KA will review any complaints against the decisions of the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK), which will be chosen by the other parliamentary ad-hoc committee.

The ad-hoc committee consisted of Vasilika Hysi (PS), Ervin Bushati (PS), Vangjel Tavo (LSI), Eduard Halimi (PD), Flamur Noka (PD), andAlbana Vokshi (PD).

The first six members of the KA were each chosen by one of the six deputies:

  • Ardian Hajdari (lawyer)
  • Natasha Mulaj (legal assistant of the High Court)
  • Sokol Çomo (former member of the High Council of Justice and former chair of the Court of Tirana)
  • Ina Rama (former prosecutor)
  • Luan Daci (lawyer and candidate for the High Court)
  • Albana Shtylla (Secretary-General of Parliament and member of the High Council of Justice)

The seventh member was chosen with a majority of votes, but as two candidates received equal votes, the matter was settled by lot:

  • Rezarta Schuetz (former legal officer for the OSCE in Skopje)

As two reserve members Etleva Papleka and Mimoza Tasi were elected by a majority of votes.

The members of the KA are elected for a period of 9 years. Parliament has to confirm their nomination within ten days.