LSI Appeals KQZ Decision at Electoral College

The LSI has appealed the decision of the Central Election Commission to assigned half of its seats in the Vote Counting Groups (GNV) to the PDIU.

The GNVs are in charge of counting the votes. Each GNV consists of four members, two of the majority and two of the opposition. From the opposition, the two members are from the PD and PR, whereas one of the majority members comes from the PS.

The KQZ recently decided that because the PDIU has switched from the opposition to the majority in 2015, it should receive a share of the GNV positions. The KQZ then decided to allot the LSI the fourth seat in all even GNVs, and the PDIU in all odd ones.

The LSI disagrees with this decision, arguing that officially the PDIU is still part of the opposition, as they were part of the PS coalition in the 2013 parliamentary elections. This argument appears to be supported by art. 96(1) of the Electoral Code, which makes reference to the the majority and opposition parties registered for the previous elections.