Parliament Votes Vetting Institutions

In an extraordinary session of Parliament, all 27 members of the three vetting institutions, the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK), the Appeals College (KA), and the Public Commissioners, were approved with 100 votes in favor and 2 against.

The members of the KPK and the Public Commissioners were nominated earlier today. The KA members had been nominated three days ago.

Assisted by the International Monitoring Operation (ONM), the institutions will now start with the vetting of the entire judiciary branch.

With the vote today, the most important demand of Prime Minister Edi Rama toward the opposition for agreeing to the McAllister+ agreement, the consensual approval of the vetting institutions, has been met.

Independent Qualification Commission

  • Etleda Çiftja (former legal representative of Hydropower Devoll)
  • Firdes Shuli (notary)
  • Genta Tafa Bungo (professor, secretary-general of the Chamber of Executors)
  • Xhensila Pine (professor in constitutional law)
  • Brunilda Bekteshi Vasha (jurist)
  • Roland Ilia (lawyer and lecturer at the University of Shkodra)
  • Suela Shegu (specialist at the High Council of Justice)
  • Valbona Sanxhaktari (jurist at the Prime Ministry)
  • Pamela Qirko (jurist at AMC)
  • Alma Feskaj Vokopola (jurist in the Parliament)
  • Lulzim Hamitaj (lawyer in Rome)
  • Olsi Komici (former employee of several state institution, acquitted for abuse of office)


  • Vojo Malo (lawyer)
  • Pal Shkëmbi (lawyer and chairman of the Popular Christian Democratic Party)

Public Commissioners

  • Herald Saraçi
  • Florian Ballhysa


  • Dariel Sina
  • Aldona Sylaj

Appeals College

  • Ardian Hajdari (lawyer)
  • Natasha Mulaj (legal assistant of the High Court)
  • Sokol Çomo (former member of the High Council of Justice and former chair of the Court of Tirana)
  • Ina Rama (former prosecutor)
  • Luan Daci (lawyer and former candidate for the High Court)
  • Albana Shtylla (Secretary-General of Parliament and member of the High Council of Justice)
  • Rezarta Schuetz (former legal director for the OSCE in Skopje)


  • Etleva Papleka
  • Mimoza Tasi