From: Dritan Shano
Let the Race Begin!

It is obvious that the Democratic Party has lost significantly this time around. The Socialist Party has 70 percent more members of parliament in the Albanian Parliament than the Democratic Party. It is also clear that cannabis, people’s fears, powerful gangs, and the oligarchs have strongly influenced these results by altering the vote. It is extremely clear that due to hesitation and discontent, many of our votes were not in the ballot box, many stayed away from it. Like never before, the head of the party was asked to leave in the middle of the campaign, and like always there were unbending Democrats who served the political competition, without flirting with the political contender or bragging over comfortable profits promised by PD.

Groups within PD have demanded Basha’s resignation and the start of a race process for the party’s leadership. I think that PD needs a reflective race process, one that is real and sincere and helps to rebuild the trust and the wavering faith of Albanians in its representation, in the individual and political level.

The race for the leadership of the Democratic Party will happen and will serve to the party’s well-being. The party cannot become a shelter of resentment, where calls are made to condemn without trial those whom no Democrat condemned when they had the chance; a shelter for those who don’t even hide the enthusiasm of gaining from the defeat. I hope the race will be quiet and dignified, in the way that the contenders owe it to each simple Democrat. In any case, solutions for PD’s future will be found in the present, not in the past.

Anyone who assumes responsibility to lead others, and considering the incentives of all these people, should keep one thing in mind what Talleyrand says: The art of putting the right people in the right places is the first rule in political science; but the art of finding the place for the ones who are dissatisfied is more challenging. Everyone who thinks of competing or supporting candidates to lead others at the head of the Democratic Party should inquire about the execution of these arts, the first and the second.

Take a deep breath first. The race starts soon.

Let’s hear and vote!