Topalli: Basha Is a Catastrophe for the PD

Former PD deputy chairwoman Jozefina Topalli has today accused party leader Lulzim Basha that he is keeping the party hostage. In a press conference, Topalli demanded that Basha stop violating the party statutes and keeping the PD hostage.

Basha claims to return from a loser into a winner through a manipulated process. I call upon Basha to stop the lawlessness and keeping the PD hostage. He has to understand that the Democrats will protect their party from being held hostage.

Topalli, who did return to the candidate list for the June 25 elections, called Basha a “catastrophe for the PD.”

He brought the party to its knees and gave a lot of help to Edi Rama. So the return of the PD starts with the removal of Basha.

Furthermore, Topalli asked for a fair and equal competition for the election of the new PD leader, which is expected to happen on July 22.

Basha doesn’t accept equality in the race, an open and transparent process, he doesn’t accept decent competition. He is afraid of the party forums because he is afraid of the truth.

We seek an equal race, fair rules, decent competition and debate. These are the non-negotiable conditions of the process. Without these conditions there is no race.

Several media outlets report that Topalli will soon announce her candidacy for the post of PD leader, but today’s press conference contained no indication that she will do so.

So far the two candidates that have declared themselves are Lulzim Basha and Eduard Selami.