Criminal Gangs Threaten Vlora Court

Criminal and drugs-related gangs are turning into a serious problem for the Court of Vlora. Head of the Court Skënder Haluçi has declared that there has been pressure on judges as regards specific cases, mainly in relation to drugs trafficking and the mafia-related assassinations that recently happened in Vlora.

We have received threats and different pressures, me and the judges, in relation to specific cases, but the team of judges and the head of this court will not withdraw from the criminal gangs.

Haluçi explained that the crime rate in Vlora has recently spiked, especially in relation to drug cultivation and trafficking and murders. Very few cases have been resolved and a large part of those arrested, mainly for the cultivation of marijuana, are elderly people, which suggests the real perpetrators are still at large.

Haluçi expressed his concern that the majority of case is not closed.

One months ago, two people were assassinated on Flag Square, whereas drug cultivation and trafficking is occurring in the entire region, due to its proximity to Italy.