Citizens Reclaim Their Park

Yesterday evening, environmental activists and neighborhood inhabitants gathered near former Bus Station Park to protest the construction work approved by Mayor Erion Veliaj just after the elections.

The park, inaugurated by former mayor Lulzim Basha, will become yet another building site for one of Veliaj’s clients.

The citizens took down the fence around the perimeter, demanding their evening stroll in one of the few green areas in the neighborhood. The police was present but did not intervene.

In a statement on the Facebook page of Qytetarët për Parkun, the activists write:

The park belongs to citizens and not oligarchs. This is the moment of the destruction of the fence, where the inhabitants take over the situation. Only when citizens unite and dare, they manage to take back what belongs to them!

Later that night, as has become the habit of construction companies, work started under the cover of darkness.