PM Rama Suspends Public Procurement

Prime Minister Edi Rama has decided to temporarily suspend public procurement for all government institutions.

A Decision of the Council of Ministers (VKM) of July 5 declares that no ministries or other subordinate institutions can start new tender procedures or continue the procedures in tenders that have been initiated and are still in process.

The VKM states that “the contracts signed prior to the entry into force of this decision and the procurements of small value” are excluded from this rule, but no maximum limit of this “small value” has been set.

It is not known yet for what reasons the Rama Government has decided on the suspension of public procurement. In recent days, media accusations related to tendering processes have been circulating around the caretaker ministers or ministers of the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI). These ministers are expected to be dismissed as the new government of the PS takes form.vkm