Rama Unleashes “Black List”

Yesterday evening, Prime Minister Edi Rama published a black list with the names of about 100 officials accused by his Facebook followers for abuse of office, violations of the law, or simply negative behavior towards citizens.

His attack on these officials, by denouncing them publicly on social media was met with immediate criticism.

LSI leader Monika Kryemadhi compared Rama’s list with the fletërrufe [public posters] of the communist period:

There is nothing more ridiculous than to read what the prime minister write after midnight, attempting to justify the publication of a “black list,” similar to the fletërrufe of communism.

Kyremadhi declared that a strong opposition needs to be formed to “show this delirious prime minister that unlimited power and arrogance are unacceptable within democracy.”

Also PD leader Lulzim Basha responded to the news, comparing Prime Minister Rama’s “justice” with that of the former communist dictator Enver Hoxha:

The shameful list published by Edi Rama proves what the Democratic Party and I have been said for four years on end: for Edi Rama he himself is justice, he himself is the state. For him there is no law, there are no human rights, there is no accountability. He decided who is guilty and who is not. He has no problem to besmirch, to accuse, to publicly shame just like in the time of Enver Hoxha.

According to Basha, Rama’s black list lacks

the true state thieves and criminals: he himself is missing, Ilir Beqaj, Saimir Tahiri, Damian Gjiknuri and all the ministers and main state directors are missing who have privatized the government for themselves, for criminals, and their clients.

Meanwhile, the publication of the black list has had immediate effect within the state institutions. Without any public statement, Chief Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla fired two prosecutors featured on the list.

Another response has come from some of the officials on the list. Lindita Tako, former PS candidate for the County of Dibra, and official at the Directorate for the Verification of Ownership Deeds, stated that slandering people without any investigation or verification is unacceptable:

When our decision making has always been in favor of the state and not the individual, this leads to complaints and makes it very easy to slander me personally and the staff that I have directed.

This morning, Prime Minister Rama responded to all the commotion his black list caused by reverting to campaign rhetoric:

The online co-governance platform with common people FOR THE ALBANIA THAT WE LOVE, will be the hell for anyone who is paid by the state and abuses common people, not only by putting their hands in their pockets but also by behaving unethically toward them.