From: Desada Metaj
Enver Hoxha on Facebook

There could be up to 300 incompetent bureaucrats, corrupted people that were appointed politically, who hold high administrative offices or are part of the judicial system.

We are all witness to the fact that this government has huge problems that must be immediately resolved using clear legal criteria, accepted by everybody. But, there is one person who doesn’t think so, spending these hot days of summer “searching for ways” on how to govern, posting about online spies. The Prime Minister of Albania is involved in an unprecedented and unheard-of case and has posted a list of 100 names of officials, who are part of administration or the judicial system, but according to his online spies they are the biggest “evil” and the cause of a bad government.

To those who have lived through or heard about the dictatorship, the publication of 100 names resembles the public courts, when “the enemies of state” were declared on massive posters [fletë-rrufe]. Edi Rama made fun of them a while ago, but it seems that they have returned in his subconscious exposing what he is in reality. A little dictator, surrounded by boot lickers who are satisfied when they look at the “list of enemies,” and a bunch of spies who feel tremendously appreciated, not by their neighbors and friends, but by the prime minister himself.

In a society like ours, using online comments as means of propaganda could serve Rama well. This society was served a whole lot of hypocrisy, not truth; servility, not dignity; a whole lot of trickery rather than honest work, more vices than virtues, more party followers than state builders.

Publishing a list of unverified opinions and serving it as a true and serious analysis doesn’t help the prime minister to utter his favorite quote that he is “creating a government.” It is plain and simple, Edi Rama is building a party–state.

First, the majority of the names on that officialc’ list are part of the high-level administration, the one in which Socialists were careful to hire their own people. Second, this dazibao serves to kick out the few LSI officials left in office. And the hard truth is that a prime minister that sang for two consecutive years the chorus of vetting, takes it upon himself to condemn prosecutors and judges based on online spies. He isn’t hiding, his biggest dream is controlling every power, including the one that is seemingly independent.

Edi Rama is enjoying this whole process embellished as “online exposure,” like the ones who enjoy leaving obscene comments on online articles. Basically, every unverified comment that is easily manipulated online resembles the insults and curses left as comments, but no one until now has ever grouped them together in a list and published them online.

Someone with legal knowledge must tell the prime minister that from today onward he could deal more with justice. Publishing the names of a citizens on a list not based on evidence or proof is a violation of the Constitution and some other laws that protect the people and the officials from the government’s abuse. I don’t know if Sali Berisha, Edi Paloka, and Arben Ristani had more to say, when they faced Edi Rama and his family in court for slander. I cannot fathom what bigger insult could exist for a government official, than finding its name gossiped about on the prime minister’s black list.

Even though I clearly understand that the majority feels scared for their jobs and desperately watch every movement of their higher-ups, they insult and curse those that have insulted them; I still believe that some of those names will raise their voices and will condemn this undemocratic way of building a government.

Despite the disdaining effect of politics on the administration’s morale, someone must initiate a legal procedure against this dictatorial approach to insult, scorn, and dominate the officials of a country that clearly doesn’t function as it should. So, in 2017, we cannot use the excuse “Comrade Enver doesn’t know about things.” Comrade Enver in on Facebook now.