State Police Claims Baseless, 15.7 Tons of Drugs Captured

During a national action the State Police has managed to capture 15.7 tons of cannabis yesterday night.

15 tons were discovered in the village of Llakatund, Vlora, where a field with 260 cannabis plants was found owned by the regional police inspector L.L.

The other 700 kg were seized in Kavaja at the moment that they were transported from one village to the other.

Just one week ago, Minister of Interior Affairs Dritan Demiraj had claimed after an inspection by air that there was no massive cultivation of cannabis in the country, except a few isolated cases which had been found and destroyed.

But the find in Llakatund, the cases of the last few months, as well as international reports show that these claims are practically baseless. Moreover, the facts once again show that high police officials are intimately connected with the cultivation and trafficking of drugs in the country.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Edi Rama had claimed that this year “there will be put an end to this phenomenon.” But it seems there is still a lot of work to be done to clean the ranks of the police, and actually eradicate this phenomenon from Albania.