Rama Threatens to Fire All Asset Registration Directors

Prime Minister Edi Rama’s co-governance platform is yielding more results as he has singled out another group of civil servants who have behaved badly against the Albanian “common people.”

In a meeting yesterday with all the local directors of the Asset Registration Offices (Hipoteka), the Prime Minister gave them 24 hours to resign because they had “tortured people”:

The fact that you have answered within the legal deadline 3% of the request, I don’t know what else is needed. Who has the right to violate the citizens’ right to legal deadlines? The directors. A collective ridicule of the people. They have to take this decision with dignity. This work is not for you, leave immediately. I invite all of you to hand in your resignation within 24 hours.

In attempt to cover the fact that his own government has been responsible for four years of “torturing” people, creating endless procedures to receive their title deeds or legalize their homes, it now seems that the Prime Minister wants to sacrifice an entire layer of officials to satisfy the anger of his Facebook followers.