Minister Harito: We’ll Pull the Administration Out of Its Apathy

In an interview with Gazeta Shqiptare, Minister of State for Innovation and Public Administration Milena Harito accepted that the public administration doesn’t function properly and proposed several ways in which it will be reformed under the Rama 2 Government.

“It is a fact that Albanian citizens do not easily receive the rights and services that they deserve from the administration that they’re paying for,” Minister Harito stated:

We aim to revitalize the entire work of the administration, pulling it out from its sort of apathy created as the result of the bureaucratic daily routine. […] The restructuring and increase of the performance of the administration is a necessity for creating the necessary conditions for an efficient, professional administration.

A few weeks ago, Prime Minister Edi Rama already took a first shot at creating these “necessary conditions” by publicly shaming 100 public officials. Recently, he gave another group of officials 24 hours to hand in their resignations.