The Entire “Hipoteka” Will Be Vetted

According to Chief Registrar of the Central Asset Registration Offices (ZRPP), Blerina Doracaj, all registrars and public servants at the Hipoteka will be “vetted.” In a press statement, Doracaj, who was recently nominated to her post by Prime Minister Edi Rama, stated:

I have to say that the situation is dramatic and needs radical improvements. During all the hearings held by the Prime Minister, the main theme has been the ZRPP. About the progress of the work and the situation in every office a report has been drafted and presented to the Prime Minister without hiding anything. On the basis of this initial analysis of the situation I asked all directors of the local offices to enter a competition to earn the honor to serve the citizens.

Doracaj further stated that all registrars will be “vetted” and that any legal violation that will be found will be prosecuted or lead to the dismissal of the registrar.

Last week, Prime Minister Rama had threatened to fire all local ZRPP directors after citizens had apparently complained to him about the lengthy procedures and pervasive corruption. It is unclear on what legal basis the “competition” or the “vetting” will be held.